Kai sleeping.

Kai HitoraEdit

Is the main protaganist of the series. He's basically a giant asshole if I were to describe it that way. I'm kidding, Carlos, just adding this until I actually write his description. Geebus...


His first form is his regular humanoid state.

In this state all of his five senses are enhanced to the regular human. The most heightened being his sense of smell and hearing. Out of the quad (Or the trio) of Projects, Kai has the most endurance.

At first, Kai's sense of smell will be able to do very basic things, as a nose about 2 or 3 times of a regular human. He doesn't know it, but when his adreline picks up, Kai's scent dissapears until he calms down. Though, once his powers develope, he'll be able to track down someone, store and catergorize different smells, and be able to dispell his OWN smell at will. All of Kai's physical attributes are of course, enhanced, with his primary being of course his endurance.

One of Kai's primary abilities is his Claws power. With this, he is able to transform his regular hand into a hand full of claws. Over time, Kai will be able to channel his Project energy through his claws for energy attacks. His most famous and primarily used being his Energy Claws, where he cloaks his claws with energy to increase damage. He will end up being very proficient with energy control. Being able to send energy slashes and other attacks from his claws.

Another one of Kai's unique traits is his ability to summon other wolves. These are called Kai's PackIn the beginning of the series, Kai is shown to be able to call other wolves over by releasing a howl. It is later revealed that he didn't call them but actually summoned them in order to surround his opponent. Kai can order and listen to his wolves and can also sense where they are by smelling them. This allows him to use them as tracking wolves if he needs to. They are created from his own energy.

Kai's strongest and signature attack is his Howl. With it, Kai can create a large shockwave around him by screaming upwards into the air. He can also howl outwards into a singular direction in order to increase the strength of the howl and keep it from attacking anyone around him The howl is strong enough to break through walls.