Taki Deamon

Taki's supposed appearance concept.

Taki DaemonEdit

is a major supporting character in the series. He is a member of The Grey race and became Sora's personal guardian when he went to hell. He has limitless energy and multiple powers exclusive to his race that allow him to serve as one of the most powerful Grey in existence.Edit


Despite being a Grey, Taki has been seen to be very diverse in the style of clothing he wears, not sticking to only one outfit through the entire series. He has light grey skin and darker grey hair. He has black sclera with white eyes. His hair stretches bairly down to his neck in the back, while in the front his bangs cover his eyes, hanging down below his chin. He normally wears a black leather jacket of some kind and black leather boots with a silver or amythist sideways-cross necklace.

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